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We have added quite a few new products to our range recently, keep reading to see the details on these.

Afterglow Fountain - Afterglow is a low noise fountain by Black Cat fireworks.

A great value-for-money fountain with a duration of one and a half minutes and a delightful array of colours such as yellow, blue, gold, red, white, and green with low-noise chrysanthemums.

A brilliant garden firework suitable for the whole family.

Glittering Fire Fountain - Glittering Fire fountain by Standard Fireworks.

Phenomenal value from this 3-minute duration multi-effect fountain with multiple stages and featuring titanium rain, crackling chrysanthemums, vibrant golds, greens, white, and reds with some great height too. It's an ideal all-rounder for your back garden party.

Stardust 25 Shot Barrage - Stardust mine cake by Black Cat Fireworks.

A fantastic 25 shot 'mine effect' cake with some delightful colours as it progresses such as sky blue, gold, white, green, and red, and crackling chrysanthemums to finish.

This is an ideal firework to start off your display with or to overlap with a high-breaking barrage to finish your display.

Daredevil Barrage Pack - Dare Devil barrage kit by Standard Fireworks.

A great value barrage pack with a whopping 1558g of powder spread between 8 fanned cakes with a total of 198 shots it's sure to go down well for any occasion.

Colours Wars 48 Shot Barrage - Colour Wars fan cake by Black Cat Fireworks.

A jaw-dropping 48-shot fanned effect firework which actually changes colour right before your eyes! This firework starts off quietly with purple to yellow, blue to red and purple to green colours changing mine lifts with spread into the sky in a lovely left to right, right to left pattern.

Then comes the epic finale with a fanned barrage of glittering red and white mine lifts that burst all at once into stunning yellow, purple, blue and red stars filling the sky, a truly unique firework!

Be sure to keep an eye on our website for more updates and new products throughout the year!

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