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Newby Hall Firework Champions

Newby Hall Firework Champions

WHAT: Firework Champions 2015 – Newby Hall
WHERE: Newby Hall, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire
WHEN: Saturday 25th July 2015
WHY: It's a firework competition
WHAT TIME: Fireworks start at 9.30pm
COST: £17.00 per adult online – gate prices are higher

This is the 14th year MLE Pyrotechnics have put on this summer firework competition event. Newby Hall kicks off the championships this year as the first 3 teams take up their positions to fire it out for supremacy of the Firework Champions event.

The three competing teams are tasked with creating a 10-minute firework display choreographed to music to show the best of their musical interpretation with fireworks sourced from around the World.

The event is for all the family with music playing in an un-intrusive manner from gates open until the first of the teams are ready to fire. There are lots of things for the children to do with entertainment provided by a bouncy castle, fairground rides etc alongside concession outlets for food and soft drinks and alcohol.

The grounds are within a stately home and you can take along picnic furniture, blankets etc to sit on but under NO circumstances are BBQ’s allowed, whether you are camping on the field adjacent to the firing site or not.

The competing teams are as follows:


First time competitors at this extraordinary event, this team has a collective 10-years of professional firework display experience between them but as an unknown quantity, they will give the others a run for their money. We wish them well.


The team from Flashpoint Fireworks take to the stage as returning competitors and veterans of the firework competition game. They have scooped more than their fair share of silverware having lifted the first prize at both The British Musical Championships back in 2009 and another MLE Firework Champions Event at Eastnor Castle. But it is a while since they showed their true talent on the competition stage – who could forget their ‘sex on fire’ display. Obviously, as technology improves, reducing lag between the launch and the burst of the pyrotechnics has come on in leaps and bounds and given their experience, these really are the team to watch out for.


First time competitors at any of the Firework Champion events they are sure to make an impression. As a new company, having been formed just 3 years ago, they have built up their client base and of course their experience is ever-expanding too. We will just have to wait and see.


And, just when the crowds thought it could not get better, whilst the voting is counted and the competitors clear around, the organisers MLE will put on a finale show to showcase their wares and of course, close the event with spectacular fireworks. MLE were awarded first place in 2011 for the British Firework Championships in Plymouth. Check out the winning display:

So, if you are looking for something fun for all the family to enjoy on what will be the first weekend of the 2015 School Summer Holidays and have camping equipment, why not take the whole family along and camp over-night. The charge is minimal and it is only a ten minute ride off the M1. Check out the Firework Champions website for more details.

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