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New York, New Years, Fireworks

When you think of New Years in America the first thing that comes to mind is almost always Times Square. The second: fireworks. Combine the two and you have New York City's hottest New Year's Eve party at Times Square. It is estimated that over one billion people watch the ceremony live each year.

NYC 4th of July Fireworks, 2007

The infamous Times Square New Year's Eve Ball Drop is back again year after year as expected, and If you’ve ever celebrated New Years in Times Square before then you understand, and if you haven’t, you couldn’t possibly know the madness and chaos that comes along with standing outside for several hours at a time, yet it all seems worthwhile when the clock strikes 12 and the firework celebration begins.

Times Square is the place to be in NYC for the countdown to New Years Day. Enjoy the fireworks and have a great time New York!

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