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New Years Eve Fireworks in Hong Kong

New Years Eve Fireworks in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is perhaps the best place to be this New Years Eve for one of the best fireworks displays in the world.

Costing almost 8,000,000 Hong Kong Dollars to produce, this year’s countdown will be one of the most amazing to date.

Fireworks will be launched from the rooftops of the buildings all along the waterfront of Victoria Harbour. Sweeping from the East side all the way to the IFC, the countdown will commence with numbers ten to one in fireworks in the sky.

At the stroke of midnight there will be a four minute long pyrotechnic extravaganza of a massive dragon dancing across the Hong Kong Skyline. This is likely to be exceptional stuff, we all remember the giant bird in Dubai back in March. It will take some beating but we think a giant dancing dragon will definitely do the job.

Our top tip for the best place to be for New Years Eve 2010/2011 is Hong Kong!

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