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New Years Eve Australia 2014

New Years Eve Australia 2014

Here in the UK we all wait for this one as it feels like the start of the NYE celebrations around the World whilst in reality, there are a number of other Countries which will have seen midnight some time before them.

The Australian celebrations begin at 1:00pm UK time. Annually, the display is discussed and decided upon in the spring and the rest of the year is spent in planning to ensure that everything goes to plan.

Historically, they have had two main displays on NYE, one which is at 9:00pm for the children and the main display of course at Midnight. This year there is to be an additional display at around 10:30pm this is said to fill in the entertainment gap to ensure that all spectators remain captivated until the big display at midnight. They say that there will be enough pyro to be seen from outer space. A claim they are unlikely to be able to prove but it will doubtless be absolutely beautiful.

The Australian display is choreographed to music and is to be fired by Foti International Fireworks who have been shouldering the responsibility for the fantastic displays since 2000.

This year’s display is going to be pretty special as for the first time in many years, there will be a thousand fireworks being launched from the Sydney Opera House in addition to the massive amount of pyro being fired from every usable part of the bridge and across the footways and of course on barges on the water.

If you should need any fireworks to welcome in the New Year, we will be open every day from 8:00am to around 5:30pm whether you are looking for a single big rocket or indeed a full on display, we have something to suit every budget and taste.

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