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New Year Eve Fireworks In Africa

Celebrations for New Year are different all over the World and Africa is no exception.

In most communities across Africa, the Hotels and Bars will be full of partygoers welcoming in the New Year. Each Country on this beautiful continent enjoys a public holiday on January 1st, whether they celebrate or not.

In Ethiopia for example, they celebrated a massive New Year Party in September 2007 to welcome in the new Millennium. Ethiopians follow an ancient Coptic Calendar which runs around 7 ½ years behind the Gregorian Calendar because the Orthodox Church in Ethiopia and the Roman Catholic church could not agree on the date of the ‘creation of the World’ so they started their respective Calendars from different points many hundreds of years ago.

South Africa is one of the best places to celebrate the New Year, particularly in Cape Town where everyone visits the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. Fondly referred to simply as ‘The Waterfront’ by the locals, they celebrate with fireworks and Champagne in one of the many World Class restaurants they have on offer where the party as you can imagine goes on till the wee small hours.

With a Continent, this size you might appreciate that there are a great many regions of Africa, for religious reasons, do not celebrate. The areas of Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria, which are predominantly Muslim for example, may have any number of UK visitors for that Winter Break but fear not, there are bound to be any number of functions/parties to attend and the tour operators should be able to help you.

Wherever you are and whatever the New Year brings, Epic fireworks would like to once again offer our gratitude for your support over the season and wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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