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The Frosty Fountain from Cube Fireworks is a product that everyone, both adults and children, will enjoy.

The delightful snowman-shaped fountain starts with towering silver sparks that reach impressive heights, followed by a more intense series of crackling chrysanthemums amidst red and blue stars. After a profusion of stunning snow pine effects, showering sparks transition from silver to gold above a brilliant blue flame, and crackling clusters fill the night sky with noise and color. Popcorn bouquets are accompanied by green sparks, then silver sparks burst from a clear red flame before a more intense mock finale takes place.

Just when you think Frosty has given it his all, his face illuminates with a gentle red glow and strobes, but be prepared as this is only the calm before the storm! Suddenly, a pair of thick silver-plumed fountains, representing Frosty's arms, emerge and soon thereafter release a swarm of crackling chrysanthemums, red stars, and exploding clusters.

You can rest assured that there won't be a chilly response to this firework, and its 100-second duration is both captivating and exhilarating. 


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