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New Disney Fireworks Game on iTouch

New Disney Fireworks Game on iTouch

If you want cute characters and a squeaky clean game that is fun and addictive, then Disney has got it covered. Their new game for the iTouch is a Mickey Mouse Firework Party which is dazzling to watch and play.

The Disney Fireworks on the iTouch is so easy to play when a firework reaches the rainbow trigger line simply tap the corresponding coloured icon to ignite an explosion, score points and enjoy the fireworks.

Tap in rhythm to classic songs from some of Disney’s most beloved movies like Fantasia, Peter Pan and to modern favourites like Lilo & Stitch and Mulan. The game has 3 different play modes plus high score tracking and video playback, so you can enjoy your favourite shows again and again.

Different backgrounds and designs give the game a dynamic feel while playing it and there is always a sense of freshness. Trust Disney to give us a colourful and fun game that is good clean fun for all the family.

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