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Museum of Islamic Art Fireworks

Museum of Islamic Art Fireworks

The museum of Islamic Arts celebrated its VIP opening on November 22nd 2008, and opened to the general public on December 8th 2008. The Museum, located in the Capital City of Qatari, Doha was designed by internationally renowned architect I M Pei whose work includes the World famous Musee du Louvre, the beautiful steel and glass pyramid structure which has appeared in numerous Hollywood films.

The structure houses a collection of pieces of art which have been obtained by the ruling family of Qatar, Al-Thani. The collection includes some stunning examples of calligraphy dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries along with textiles from ancient Persia and ceramics from the 10th century and glassware from the mid thirteenth century.

The opening ceremony of course would not be complete without the prerequisite fireworks display which was of course well received by those in attendance including His Majesty King Hamad and Hollywood great Robert de Niro.

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