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Montreal Fireworks Competition 2014

Montreal Fireworks Competition 2014

This annual fireworks competition brings together the best in the World to battle it out for the honour of being crowned Montreal Fireworks competition winner for 2014.

The event which is locally referred to as L'International des Feux Loto-Québec was established in 1985 and is billed as one of Montreal’s top events for 2014. The event will take place from June to August of 2014 and is completely free if you have access to a balcony or rooftop viewing area.

The displays must be synchronized to music and the teams will compete over a 6-week period on different nights, unlike in previous years where it has been running for almost 10 weeks with bi-weekly shows on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s.

Although the displays can be seen readily in the surrounding area, if you do wish to see this event in all its glory, it is being held in La Ronde, the area’s premier theme park. The cost of a full day pass including access to the pyro show is around $43 -$63 (between £23 and £34 sterling) or if you just would like to see the fireworks, again you can have full park access after hours for just $20 (just over £10) for the evening.

The fireworks are scheduled to take place around 10:00pm.

Last years Gold Medal champions were Pyroemotions from Italy who fired with PyroDigiT and the theme of their show was ‘Jukebox Memories’ which included every genre imaginable with selections of music as diverse as Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis to ‘She Loves You’ by the Beatles and also included were some of the soundtracks from Grease the movie.

More details will be published about the competing teams and their respective ‘themes’ in due course.

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