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Mini Missiles, new and noisy from Marvel Fireworks

The Mini Missiles by Marvel Fireworks is a fantastic little barrage for anyone that likes to make a lot of noise. This 225 shot cake whistles, screams and crackles its way into the sky with an ever faster display of silver lights and whistles.

This comes after a long line of similar products that have gone before it. the Firesnake, Point Break, Exterminator, Cat a Pult, Missile Command, to name only a few.

Commonly called "pen-lid" cakes here in the UK and "Saturns missiles battery" in the USA, this is a very popular type of firework and is always in demand around bonfire night. Often the main objective for bonfire night is not a visual feast for the eyes, rather a noisy and neighbour irritating soundfest. The Mini Missiles has it all.

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