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Maverick Barrage from Epic Fireworks

The Maverick 19 shot barrage from Epic Fireworks is a favourite of our regular customers and has some brilliant loud bangs to go with its beautiful effects.

Maverick Stats:

No. of Shots ------19

Effect -------------- crackles, strobes, spinners, fish, loud bangs

Colour ------------- blue, silver, green

Duration ---------- 35 seconds

Calibre ------------26mm

MAVERICK by Epic Fireworks

Green glitter and silver comet tails with crackling violets, golden and blue strobing stars, swarms of silver bees and beautiful golden peonies with more loud bangs finish this excellent value barrage. At the bargain price of just £19.45 a piece, it’s easy to afford 2 and light them at the same time for a mind-blowing performance.

EpicFireworks- Maverick 19 Shot Barrage

And if you ever wondered what a Maverick barrage looked like next to a can of Coca-Cola, wonder no more!

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