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Mammoth Conic Fountain by Standard Fireworks


The legendary Mammoth Conic Fountain from Standard Fireworks. This is an old favourite and most people who have used large fountains at some point in the past will have used this fountain.

It is a classic 1kg fountain with silver cascades of light that will illuminate your garden or anywhere you use them.The approximate reach of the fountain at its highest is about 6 Metres.

If you thought that was high just watch this space for Epic Fireworks new fountains for this year. We plan to take the UK by storm releasing a fountain that will make this one look like a fart from an ant-hill. We cannot give away too much at this point. But suffice to say we intend to sell the biggest and best fountain in the UK. Keep an eye right here on your favourite fireworks blog for more info.

until then, enjoy this brilliant video from Standard Fireworks!

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