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Malta Mechanized Ground Fireworks Festival 2014

Malta Mechanized Ground Fireworks Festival 2014

WHEN: Malta Mechanized Ground Fireworks Festival 2014
OPEN: 10:30PM

Every year since 2006 the beautiful Island of Malta has held the annual Mechanized Ground Fireworks Festival known locally as “Nar ta l-Art”.

This year’s event will take place on Saturday 3rd May at the Granaries, Floriana and the participating teams are as follows:

Fontana Fireworks Association
Sacred Family Fireworks Association
St Josephs Fireworks Association
St Andrews Fireworks Factory
Maria Bambina Fireworks Association
15th August Fireworks Factory
St Philips Fireworks Factory
St Josephs Fireworks Factory
St Catherine’s Fireworks Section Zejtun Band Club
St Catherine’s Firework Factory

Mechanized ground fireworks are a Maltese tradition and there are literally hundreds of mechanical creations on show during this event. Some have the fun factor but many have religious connotations. This is not unusual as Malta has a 98% Catholic population and more than 350 churches on a very small island.

Techniques include ‘katina’, (these are chains), which move these magnificent creations, forming new shapes with every movement or revolution – a little like the old-fashioned kaleidoscope. They are all very intricate and take months of trial and error to get it just right for the event.

As many of you will know, these are proud people and never more so than on 18th June 2011 when local fireworks factory Lily Fireworks, in Mqabba, Malta managed to get a Catherine Wheel measuring a staggering 105ft in diameter to revolve, resulting in them being awarded a Guinness World Record.

You really cannot help but be impressed by the beautiful and intricate creations made by these firework enthusiasts who ensure that this event continues to grow in size and a brilliant showcase for high-quality fireworks.

This is one of the festivals on my bucket list but if anyone is attending this year and have the opportunity to take a few pictures or video footage for us, we would really appreciate it.

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