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Malta International Fireworks Festival 2013

Malta International Fireworks Festival 2013

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The festival enters its 12th year of competition and continues to grow in strength.

Fireworks today form part of the celebration for Malta’s accession to the European Union but they have been heavily involved in festivities going back over many hundreds of years, often (as in most of Europe) in place of celebratory gun-fire. The Maltese would always have fireworks on special occasions for example, the birth of a new member of royalty, the election of a new Pope (very appropriate at the moment following the election of Pope Francis) or in recognition of one of their army’s victories.

This year, the running order is as follows:

26/4/2013 - MARSAXLOKK – Competition day 1

Focs d’ Artifici Europla - Spain

Mount Carmel Fireworks – Malta

Lieto Fireworks – Italy

28/4/2013 – GOLDEN BAY – Competition day 2

Tal-Gilju Fireworks – Malta

123 Feuerwerk – Germany

Pirotecnia Minhota - Portugal

30/4/2013 - VALETTA – Competition winners announcement and finale

Traditional fireworks

Announcement of the Winner of the Malta International Fireworks Festival 2013

Finale – A beautiful pyro-musical display by PyroEmotions of Italy

Whatever the reason, Malta’s fireworks festival remains one of the biggest in Europe and long may it continue.

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