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Magical Flying Lanterns - Not UFOs

Magical Flying Lanterns - Not UFOs

A stunning new product on sale from Epic Fireworks for this season. The amazing Flying Lanterns. If you have not seen these before, just imagine a miniature hot air balloon made of paper. These wax coated paper lanterns, fly using the power of heat and magic!

So simple to use, and very serene and tranquil to watch, these lanterns are very popular at weddings and events where noise is less desirable.

Just light the fuel cell underneath the lantern, hold it for a few minutes to let it completely filled with hot air and let go! That's it. No fusing and big bangs just beautifully gentle glowing, light-filled shapes of paper.

Epic fireworks: Chinese Lantern

Since these lanterns started to become popular in the UK, reported sightings of UFO has increased dramatically. It is very common to light several at a time or in some countries where they hold lantern festivals, they can be set off in their thousands.

When there is a dozen or so of these lanterns floating by it becomes hypnotic and anyone seeing it could be forgiven for thinking there is some alien reason for them being there.

This great idea is a cheap one as well. Since the lanterns are made of paper they are light and easy to transport and cheap to make which accounts for the very low Epic Fireworks price of just £2.45 each. Bargain.

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