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Macy’s 4th July Firework Spectacular

This 4th July celebrates the USA’s 236th Birthday and of course, once again Macy’s Department store planning began last year. Despite complaints from many from the East Side of the City, the event will again take place on the Hudson River.

“Ignite the Night” is the theme for the 35th annual Macy’s 4th July Fireworks display in which more than 40,000 fireworks will be lit in the 25 minute spectacular. Fireworks are set to illuminate the sky over New York City with a glorious spectrum of colours, shapes and sparkling dazzlers.

Entertainment will be provided by megastars Katy Perry Famous for “Firework” and Kenny Chesney, one of the USA’s biggest country stars.

The display will be fired from barges anchored between 18th and 43rd St.

The best places to see the fireworks will be from 12th avenue below 59th St at the access points on 26th St, 27th-29th St, 33rd-34th St, 40th-42nd St, 44th-50th St, 52nd-54th St and 56th-57th St.

Spectators have been asked to travel to the event by public transport where possible, leaving their cars at home, with this in mind NYC transit have put on increased services to cope with the expected masses both before and after the display.

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