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WHAT: Macau International Fireworks Display Contest 2014
WHERE: Macau – Macau Tower – Macau Tower shore front
WHEN: 8th September, 13th September, 20th September, 27th September and 1st October
TIMES: The first firework display will start at 9:00pm and the second fireworks display will start at 9:40pm each night – further details below

2014 sees the 26th Macao International Fireworks Display contest bringing together the best of the best of international firework artists from across the World to compete for this much acclaimed title.

Over the years, hundreds of teams have competed in this event which takes place over a 5-week period and the final night is always on 1st October to coincide with China’s National Day.

This year’s line up has display teams hailing from Taiwan, China; Croatia; China; France; Korea; Poland; Portugal; Australia; Italy and Spain. The teams from Croatia and Poland have never had their country represented previously and the firing teams from Spain and Australia will perform for the first time in front of the crowds in Macau.

The firing order is as follows:

Monday 8th September 9:00 – Chinese Taiwan - Syyuan Fireworks Co Ltd
9:40 – Croatia - Mirnovec Pirotehnika d.o.o

Saturday 13t September 9:00 – China - Hunan Jing Tai Fireworks Co ltd
9:40 – France - Sodip Pyrotechnie

Saturday 20th September 9:00 – Korea - Daehan Fireworks Co
9:40 - Poland - Surex –Ryszard Suzsdalewicz

Saturday 27th September 9:00 - Portugal - Pyrofel Pyrotechnia Lda
9:40 - Australia - Skylighter Fireworks Pty Ltd

Wednesday 1st October 9:00 - Italy – La Tirrena Sas Di Ferraro
9:40 - Spain – Pirotecnia Zaragozana Sa

Last year’s competition was won by the brilliant Brezac Artifices who are no strangers to the art of international competition and have the pre-requisite cupboard full of silverware to attest to their skills. The display was beautifully choreographed to the rich and varied music choice and some brilliant use of colour.

Previously, the UK has been well represented and teams from millennium Fireworks, Jubilee Fireworks, Pyro 2000, Maverick Fireworks and even Standard Fireworks have all won awards.

The rules of competition are clear that the teams must choreograph a firework display to music and the best example should give the impression of dancing fireworks. Macau is unique as one of only a handful of competitions where the organisers actually pay towards the cost of the pyro.

The annual event not only lights up the nights of Macau, but also the hearts of spectators. Local residents look forward to the marvellous fireworks displays that add a joyous atmosphere to holidays and festivals. The Contest has also become an annual characteristic of Macau. Many visitors specially choose this time of the year to come to Macau to enjoy an exotic and romantic holiday.

The Macau International Fireworks Display Contest has grown over the years into an internationally acclaimed event, one of the best of its kind and the local Tourist Office will continue to work towards advancing the event's international status and reputation, with the vision to bring about the world's most prominent international fireworks display.

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