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Loudest Firework in Britain? Bangers are Back

Loudest Firework in Britain? Bangers are Back

Who has the loudest fireworks in the UK for sale to consumers?

Where can you buy the loudest bangs?

What firework will set off car alarms in the next street?

All commonly asked questions here at Epic Fireworks and the answer is simple.

We like to make a noise, the louder the better. We have a great range of loud fireworks for you to make a racket this Bonfire Night.

The "Echo Bomb" rocket pack has been designed to make a loud noise and nothing else, no fancy stars or glittering peonies here. Just loud, loud bangs!

5 rockets that will shake the foundations and make sure everybody is looking in your direction on Guy Fawkes Night.

We also have a great range of display barrages for you to buy that make loud bangs and great effects, like "The Beast" 100 shots of nothing but reports that go off in under 40 seconds. This is a great way to get attention and a pair of these set off at the same time sounds like a war zone.

We all remember playing with bangers when we were younger. Sadly bangers are not available anymore in the UK and cannot be sold, however by using fireworks like "The Beast" and "Thunder King" it is still possible to upset your neighbours on Fireworks Night.

Epic Fireworks have the largest range of fireworks for you to buy anywhere in the UK and always at the best prices.Check our website today for your loud fireworks.

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