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London New Years Eve. The Man Behind The Event.

As detailed in the previous Epic blog, this year’s New Year celebrations in London are very much the responsibility of Mr David Zolkwer, Director of public events for Jack Morton Worldwide.

Mr Zolkwer has a massive responsibility on his shoulders but this is not unusual for him as he has been the man behind the teams for such prestigious events as the Hong Kong handover, the opening and closing of the Commonwealth Games in Manchester 2002, the Olympic games opening ceremonies for Athens 2004 and Melbourne 2000 and he was a key figure and fulfilled a consultancy role to the organising committee for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Other events include the Confederation Cup in South Africa in 2009 and the FIFA World Cup in 2010 in South Africa.

Future events that he will hold overall creative responsibility for will be the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow with a not inconsiderable budget of £14 million to put the wow factor into the opening and closing ceremonies.

This year’s New Years Eve fireworks will take place by the London Eye on 31st December and the show is set to get underway from 10pm. The event will feature entertainment from world class DJ’s right through the night. The fireworks will start at Midnight and will be choreographed to a specially commissioned sound track.

The fireworks will once again be fired by the Kimbolton Fireworks professional team who were responsible for the staggeringly beautiful sky art for the opening and closing ceremonies.

If you are looking for something to celebrate the New Year, come over to see us in Tankersley. Open every day except Christmas, Boxing and New Year's day, we have something to suit every pocket and can guarantee that you will be delighted with the effects of any one of our magnificent barrages.

Wherever you are this year, whether you are with friends and loved ones or on the town with your pals, have a great New Year’s Eve and keep safe and well.


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