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I am sure you have all heard of the new art craze of light graffiti. This fascinating new form of art has become some sort of an obsession and the man to watch is the brilliant Michael Bosanko.

Michael Bosanko has compared his light graffiti to playing with sparklers, trying to make shapes, pictures and words with the light than led him onto his graffiti work which is a huge hit all over the UK.

Michael is so good at this graffiti work that he has even landed himself a contract with the huge TalkTalk campaign, appearing on adverts, billboards, magazines and of course the X-factor sponsored commercials.

With all this coming from the small and common sparkler that we all know and love, I think we should all remember that fireworks open a lot of new doors to other weird and wonderful things.

Check out the video below of Michael Bosanko talking us through his most recent campaign with light graffiti, enjoy!!!!

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