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Lichfield festival 2009 - Expect Fireworks

Lichfield festival 2009 - Expect Fireworks

Festivals, with their excitement, intensity, and variety, are needed more at times like this than at almost any other. The opportunity to experience the unexpected, to share beautiful art in beautiful places with family and friends, or to snatch an hour’s intimate live music can entertain, surprise, and delight, often leaving memories that last for years.

Lichfield Festival continues to offer extraordinary events at a great value, once again presenting some of the world’s great artists in both Lichfield’s glorious Cathedral and excellent Garrick Theatre.

For families that are seeking an opportunity to spend memorable time together, seek out Dreamfighter, a major new commission based on children’s stories by British author Ted Hughes; or children’s film including Japanese animation and a rare screening of The Red Balloon from France; or terrifying ghost stories from England and Japan. Alternatively, join the 8,000 people who spend an afternoon relaxing in Lichfield’s glorious Beacon Park before the annual Festival Fireworks.

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