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'Liberty Boom' – A Fireworks Display in Your Pocket

'Liberty Boom' – A Fireworks Display in Your Pocket

Magnate Interactive has just released Liberty Boom, a cute little timing/obstacle game that challenges you to put on fireworks show that pleases the crowd across a variety of skylines throughout the U.S.

Superficially reminiscent of Xbox LIVE's Boom Boom Rocket, but without a rhythm element, Liberty Boom requires detonating each rocket within a certain window of the sky while avoiding aeroplanes, blimps, and UFOs. It's all about keeping an eye on the crowd meter and keeping the audience happy. (And the audience finds falling, flaming blimps a real turn off…) The longer you wait to detonate within the window, the more points you'll score, and you often need to fire early to avoid hitting a passing aircraft. It's tap to detonate within each of the four columns of the sky and tilt to control the speed of the passing aircraft.

The list of night skylines available include Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Dallas, Detroit, Miami, New York, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Sedona and Washington D.C., and the developer is accepting skyline photo submissions for future updates. Six original musical tracks accompany the aerial pyrotechnics.

Liberty Boom provides a nice bit of simple, fun timing-based gaming. And, for a limited time, it's available at the introductory price of $.99.

See the developer's video for a closer look. Positive points are shown in green, while negative scores are shown in red.

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