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Lego Firework Guy

Many of the staff here at Epic grew up playing with Lego so you can imagine how excited we were to learn that Lego is introducing series 18 version of Lego mini figures.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the mini figure series they are releasing a special party themed 17 characters to collect that are been released to buy in April 2018.

Even more exciting for us is that one of the characters in the is “Firework Guy” which naturally goes straight to the top of our list and we are going to try to get hold of one of these.

LEGO-71021-Collectible-Minifigures-Series-18-06 Fireworks Guy

Other than firework guy (which is obviously our favourite) there are some other quirky characters to collect along with some of the old classics.

Maybe this will give you some inspiration for your next fancy dress party!

Which ones are you wanting to collect? Let us know :)

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