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Learn more about fireworks - Interesting firework related links

Learn more about fireworks - Interesting firework related links

UK Sites
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents is a registered charity that was established over 80 years ago.

Providing information, advice, resources, and training, RoSPA is actively involved in the promotion of safety in all areas of life - at work, in the home, and on the roads, in schools, at leisure and on or near water.

RoSPA aims to campaign for change, influence opinion, contribute to debate, educate and inform - for the good of all.
Information and guidance on firework displays from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE)
Contains legislation, information, resources
Provides brief safety guidelines for children and adults
Offers a variety of information including firework safety, suppliers and event organisers
The Child Accident Prevention Trust has produced a fact sheet on “Firework Accidents.”
British Pyrotechnics Association (BPA). The BPA, incorporating the Firework Maker's Guild was established in 1965 to promote the safe use of fireworks in the UK, and to represent the interests of its members in dealings with Government and other bodies. BPA membership is restricted to the professional firework and pyrotechnic display companies that meet certain membership criteria.
The Explosives Industry Group (EIG) of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) exists to represent and inform its members on all topics of explosive legislation in the UK. The EIG is not a trade association, nor is it a professional body with professional examinations for membership - it is open to all. It exists to promote explosives safety and to liaise with Government and other bodies in drafting and refining legislation and guidance for the Explosives Industry.
Fireworks was founded in 1982 as a magazine for firework history enthusiasts. It soon developed into a general magazine on all things fireworks and includes news, views, and information. It is published twice yearly.

The world's biggest firework website for UK enthusiasts with over a quarter of a gigabyte of firework reviews, pictures and video. Established in 1999 they are the pioneers of impartial and useful information for UK firework enthusiasts!

Click here for A-Z of terms used within the fireworks industry.

Fireworks and pets
For advice on how to keep your pets safe during the fireworks season.

US Sites
The National Council on Fireworks Safety is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the safe enjoyment of fireworks in the United States.
The American Pyrotechnics Association is the premier trade association of the fireworks industry.

Over 2000 firework videos to view
Over 5000 firework-related images. Please feel free to use any image you like.


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