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Launch Kontrol for safer fireworks

Launch Kontrol for safer fireworks

Launch Kontrol has been developed to make the use of fireworks as safe as possible. The chances of injury are greatly reduced by using this system.

It allows the user to stand at a safe distance and ignite fireworks without having to use port fires or other methods requiring the user to run back and forth between ignited fireworks.

Remember fireworks may smolder before igniting fully.

Commands are delivered using an infrared signal. There must be a line of sight between the receiver and transmitter for the system to operate.

Each firework is connected to an E Clip which in turn is connected to the receiver. The transmitter sends the signal which activates the receiver to send a small electric current to ignite the clip and thus ignite the firework. This all happens in the blink of an eye and can be done from a safe distance.

Once used the E Clip is inactive and cannot be used again.

Replacement E Clips are available from Epic Fireworks

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