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Krazy Klock Catherine Wheel Firework Fountain

Krazy Klock Catherine Wheel Firework Fountain

Epic Fireworks - Krazy Klock Fountain By Brothers Pyrotechnics

Is it a fountain? Is it a Catherine Wheel?
2 very good questions,
It's actually both.
The Krazy Klock Fountain/Wheel is an innovative and excellent idea by Brothers Pyrotechnics.
This is a unique display fountain lasting 96 seconds and with 9 different effects.
It was finally launched to the market after 641 failed tests. And has been a huge hit and now being sold in 46 countries around the world. When it comes to crazy looking fireworks, this 1 wins every time.
The Krazy Klock by Brothers Pyrotechnics has hands that spin too fast to tell the time on. And massive jets of colours that change and whistle.
This is one of our favourite fountain/catherine wheel combo's, in fact, it is about the only 1 we can think of.

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