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Keeping Your Pets Safe This Bonfire Night And Diwali

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Bonfire Night and Diwali is a great event for all the family but when it comes to pets, irrespective of whether you believe that they are not affected by them or not, you would be best advised to keep them indoors.

Here at Epic, we have an 11-year-old German Shepherd who has heard fireworks since he was a pup (at work etc) but we still take the necessary steps on Bonfire Night as it is even a disturbing time for him.

It can be a very frightening time for pets and it is not only the noise levels, as there will be children squealing as well as the screeches and reports on the fireworks for them to contend with. It is a very confusing time for dogs in particular as their hearing is super sensitive. That said, smaller animals like cats, mice, gerbils, ferrets and rabbits will also be affected.

Over the years, there have been a number of things created to help to address this issue. Here are some simple tips to protect your pets:

• Keep cats and dogs inside
• Under no circumstances should you leave your pet tied up outside or take them along to a display – this is cruel and unnecessary
• Don’t leave your pet alone for too long
• Give them more bedding to burrow in – they will feel more secure
• Bring cages/hutches indoors – into a quiet room, shed or garage. If this is not feasible, cover their cages over or turn them into a wall if they face the garden
• Cover any aviaries/hutches with thick blankets or a duvet to block the sound of the fireworks out
• Make sure you walk your dog early doors – bear in mind that from darkness falling, there will be any number of fireworks around so you will reduce your dog’s stress levels
• Close all curtains, doors and close any cat/dog flaps to stop pets escaping to avoid the noise – they may disappear for good
• If your pet is used to having the noise of the TV, radio or music around, put them on to drown out some of the firework sounds
• Prepare a den perhaps under your bed with some old clothes and their favourite toys - it will help to keep them calm
• Let your dog/cat pace, whine, miaow or bark – if you try to comfort them, you may add to their distress

If you have a horse or pony, make sure you let any local Committee’s know, keep them in a familiar environment and if you know that your Horse reacts badly to noise, you may be as well arranging some stabling away from any possible noise for the night.

If you have a particularly anxious pet, you should speak to your vet about treatments that can help. Both traditional and homoeopathic remedies such as Flower Essences and other natural products are available and have been found to be very useful in many cases. It is important that you discuss any treatments with your vet before using them.

If you are having a Bonfire with your fireworks display, make sure that there are no animals hiding before lighting by tapping and poking into the pre-lit fire gently. Hedgehogs in particular when they are looking for shelter for the Winter Hibernation will make a home in a warm compost heap so the inviting pile of rubbish and wood will be just the thing. We don’t want to be hurting Mrs Tiggywinkle now do we.

Here are some animal support charities who can offer advice or assistance to you this Bonfire Night and Diwali:

Blue Cross For Pets -

PDSA Firework Tips -

Soundproof Dog Kennel -

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