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Kaohsiung Lantern Festival, video and photos

Every year in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, a stunning and beautiful festival takes place where thousands upon thousands of lanterns of all shapes sizes and colours are displayed to amaze visitors from all around the world.

The festival has just ended, taking place between the 20th Feb and 7th March in 2010.

We have some great photos of lanterns and a beautiful video showing the water-dance show with, you guessed it, fireworks!

The festival takes place by the banks of the Love River and with many events and entertainment for the visitors to Kaohsiung, including competitions, artworks, lantern making lessons, local riddle contests and exotic lantern exhibitions.

Kaohsiung City has been praised for its use of environmentally friendly LED lights and recyclable material in lanterns during the festival. Red lanterns with a green heart, we like it.

lantern festival

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