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Jubilee Fireworks. A Display In A Box.

In the current economic climate, it becomes increasingly difficult to justify spending vast amounts on money on fireworks to aid in celebrating HRH Queen Elizabeth II and her 60 years as reigning monarch of Great Britain and the Commonwealth.

We have therefore considered what would be some of the best single signature pieces for your display and here they are:

The Frozen Sun from Oriental Fireworks is a powerful 1.3g barrage - £69.95 Inc VAT

With a whopping duration of over 1 minute 30 seconds this is a long lasting firework with a great variety of effects.

It starts with fanned mines and crackling clouds, red and green pearls and fanned silver dragons tails that burst into large chrysanthemums. This moves into a mix of blue mines and peonies, red and green peonies and silver glitter and crackling.

An awesome blend of effects and a spectacular duration, this is another winner from Oriental Fireworks and only available from Epic Fireworks. Click here for more details.

Earth Shaker from Epic Fireworks another huge 1.3g barrage - £74.95 Inc VAT

This one does exactly what it says on the tin … it shakes the earth you stand on. Delivering high decibel action throughout and lasting a massive 2 minutes, this is one of our longest duration barrages.

With 72 shots of loud bangs, whistles, hummers, red peonies, crackling comets, strobing silver stars and a huge multi-shot finale of a crackling cloud of stars, this one will wake up the neighbourhood and let them all know you are celebrating this momentous event. Click here for more details.

Steam Roller from Marvel Fireworks 1.3 barrage - £62.45 Inc VAT

Marvel Fireworks introduces the Steam Roller, a magnificent single ignition barrage with a long duration, large calibre and excellent performance.

Red and Green comets and peonies turn into large clouds of coloured glitter. Fanned red peonies to silver strobes, giant silver chrysanthemums and spinning silver tails. Glittering brocades and crackling tails with mixed coloured bouquets.

This is simply awesome, great duration at over 1 and a half minutes and 98 large bore tubes make this a fantastic barrage and one not to miss. Click here for more details.

Predator 500 from Epic Fireworks 1.3 Barrage - £34.95 Inc VAT

The mighty Predator 500 from Epic Fireworks. This 500 shot single ignition barrage is one of our best sellers.

With a terrific fast firing array of effects, including peonies, bangs, crackles, whistles and an intense finale of large breaking glittering willows.

Lasting a massive 2 minutes 25 seconds, this is a superb addition to any firework display and is guaranteed to impress both with the effects and the price. Click here for more details.

Shack Attack from Epic Fireworks 1.3 Barrage - £29.95 Inc VAT

The multi effect 400 shot Shack Attack. With over 80 seconds of mixed effects including vivid blue stars, crackles, air bombs and thick silver comet tails this one is a sure winner in any display. Click here for more details.

So peeps, with a little imagination and a little effort, you can hold a private display with a minimal amount of input for the delight of your family and friends this Easter in accordance with your budget.

We also have hundreds of products on our website including standard garden display selection boxes from as little as £3.24 for 13 high quality fireworks, designed with low noise in mind. If you would like to browse through our products, simply click on the type of product you are looking for on or call us on 01226 749 587, daily between 9.00am and 4.30pm, including bank holidays.

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