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Jonathan's Epic House Warming Bash

Here's a little firework show we did about a week ago for a client. Full firing order below.

Firing Order:
4 x rapid repeaters
4 x mass effect
4 x hydro bomb
4 x pegasus
4 x bunker buster
4 x momentum
4 x crescendo
4 x whispering palms and 3 x cobolt blue and 4 magneto
4 x earthshaker
4 x ultimate devastation
4 x deep impact
4 x dancing dragons
4 x frozen sun
4 x gold willow
4 x supercharged
4 x tornado express
3 x angels Vs demons
4 x epic in motion
4 x flash

10 x screaming spiders
10 x thunderous finale
12 x ball head rockets
12 x sky thriller rockets
12 x king rockets
Applause :)

Below is a video taken from 2 miles away :)

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