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Jim Flora Fireworks at the Ferris Wheel

"The Day the cow sneezed" is a classic book by renowned author Jim Flora. This brilliant and vibrant piece of artwork was originally a 2 page spread inside the book. It has been re-released as a fine art print by popular demand.

"The Day the cow sneezed" was originally published in 1957 and is considered a classic piece of children's literature with some stunning visual art.

The cows sneeze finally caused the outrageous scene above after a series of catastrophic events. Somewhat like chaos theory but with better pictures and fewer fractals. The fireworks around the giant Ferris wheel look fantastic.

This is very cool and would look great hanging on anyone's wall. As long as you have $175 for one of the limited edition prints that have been made. The book is scheduled to be reprinted in Autumn 2010 so demand is likely to increase for this beautiful piece of artwork. 

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