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Jet Screamers from Oriental Fireworks

Oriental Fireworks, although a fairly new name in the UK fireworks industry has already established itself as a producer of high-quality display barrages. This is well illustrated by the success of the small 25 shot barrage King Cobra. This sensational small barrage could not have been more popular and was one of our best sellers of last year.

This new single ignition barrage by Oriental Fireworks has a lot of noise and is perfect for lovers of loud fireworks. 100 shots of screaming spinning tails rise up to loud reports (bangs) that will definitely make an impression at your fireworks display, whatever the occasion.

Heres the review:

Oriental Fireworks has a lot of noise to make and they do it well with the Jet Screamers 100 shot barrage. This is an insane and terrific noise maker. Screaming jets of spinning tails rise into the air and explode with very loud reports. If you want to make a lot of noise and get noticed this is definitely the way to do it. Perfect for daytime events or anyone who likes to make a racket. This is our favourite new noisy firework and we are sure it will be yours too.

So there you have it, not a lot to say about this one except loud loud loud!!!

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