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It has arrived, Conspiracy Display Kit 2009

It has arrived, Conspiracy Display Kit 2009

At long last Epic Fireworks new Conspiracy DIY display pack has been released for sale in the UK. A whole years worth of planning and testing has resulted in Epic Fireworks producing our best deals yet.

This year we have gone to town on our rocket selection. We offer the best range of large display rockets anywhere in the country and the 2009 Conspiracy DIY kit contains 30 of the best rockets on the UK market. Including 6 of the awesome "Sky Storm" Rockets with their double effect of crackling chrysanthemums and red and green crossettes. And 8 of the stunning "Sky Force" rocket which emits a beautiful double breaking silver willow.

Barrages this year include the now famous "Humming Hornets" from Marvel Fireworks, which launches 28 shots of hilarious zipping and whistling stars that are guaranteed to get the crowd smiling. And don't forget the incredible "Majestic" from the Brothers Choice selection by Brothers Pyrotechnics

With a retail price of over £770, and the Epic Fireworks price of just £295 including free delivery. We are very confident that demand will be very high for this best selling pack this year. So remember to get your order in as early as possible to beat the rush.

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