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Is the "Echo Bomb" Rocket the Loudest you can buy in the UK?

Is the "Echo Bomb" Rocket the Loudest you can buy in the UK?

Get your ear plugs in now.

The stunning Echo Bomb by Paramount Fireworks is already causing a stir.

With 5 earth-shattering rockets to a pack this is a fantastic way of getting extremely loud bangs for your buck. The rocket soars to around 150 feet before exploding with an incredible report and a pretty silver peony. If you like lots of noise, and you like it loud, this is for you, but don't take our word for it read some customer testimonials -

If you like LOUD!!! then these are for you. They are O.M.G Loud, I loved them and my 3yr old is still asking daddy if he has any more of the "WOOSH & BANG" rockets...haha.

yeah you were right about this one too! We set off all 5 at the same time it was mad. Very Very Very Loud. Just as you said. Quality stuff guys 10/10

See the videos, read the reviews and get the facts, at Epic Fireworks

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