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Is it a good idea to microwave a large firework?

OK, firstly the answer is no no no. It is never a good idea to microwave fireworks of any size. We strongly disapprove of microwaving explosives and this should not be attempted by anyone. The men in this video are trained experienced professionals...microwavers.

The large firework the guys decided to microwave was, of course, the Fiery Eye Catherine Wheel which is a beautiful display wheel that spins majestically sending lovely sparks and colours all around. When you put it in a microwave the results are shown above.

It does bear mentioning here that although the title of this video refers to "large" fireworks, this firework is anything but large. For a proper choice of large fireworks check the Epic Fireworks website, large fireworks is what we do.

Once again Epic Fireworks does not suggest anyone tries this themselves, leave it to the crazy Americans on the video. Thank you.

Epic Fireworks - Fiery Eye Wheel By Brothers Pyrotechnics

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