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iPhone Fail - Film A Firework !

He was given the simple task of filming an epic firework - he failed miserably...

The thing is, like most men, he probably nodded sagely when asked if he could take the film and in all likelihood, did not have the first inkling on how to do this (and in all fairness, i-phone camera’s are notoriously difficult to get right) but, he would not dream of asking for help or advice. Men!!

So, in the interests of ensuring that if everyone who has an i-phone knows how to take a decent shot, we will get more images for our blog/flikr pages so here you go:

• Stand still and pick a good spot
• Make sure the lens is facing the action – not you!
• Look for light – the best way to cut blur, especially with the settings available on i-phone. When taking shots, remove the flash and once you have your position set, use the AE/AF lock as this will ‘set-up’ your phone ready to go. Tap the screen and your i-phone will take some amazing shots
• Don’t zoom in – the camera on an i-phone is rarely optical so it just gives you the impression of what you should be seeing on the picture but this is rarely the shot you will actually achieve
• Try not to use other features on your phone at the same time as this will cause ‘lag’ resulting in more poor pictures

Like anything, practice makes perfect so take as many shots as possible until you are fully familiar with your phone’s camera facility.

I took some shots on a Samsung E770 years ago which had a rather insignificant 1.3-megapixel camera and they remain some of the best photos I have ever taken. Don’t give up without trying and if you do better than the poor lad featured in the video, let us have them and we will feature them on our website.

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