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The international Ignis Brunensis fireworks competition hosted this year by ROCK FEST, is to be held in June in Brno, Czech Republic. Teams from around Europe will compete in the Pyro event who will all create a display, choreographed to music for audiences to enjoy. The winners of the competition receive an international merit certificate. Events will take place in various locations across the city.

The event started in 1998, the event was either non-competitive, exhibition displays or limited to a national competition, through till 2003 when it achieved status as a significant international competition. Spectators will be treated to 4 firework shows at the Brno Dam, with a further two displays in the skylines above the stunning Špilberk Castle. All of the public firework viewing areas are free. However, for the competitions on the dam, there are also special sounded tribune for seating areas, these are located behind the dock in the bay. There will be an admission fee for this area on individual firework days and tickets need to be purchased in advance where possible.

When you consider that the event brings over 100,000 spectators, you can only imagine the organisation involved, but it continues to delight and thrill old and young alike, year on year. Of course, it is not just about the fireworks, but it is also the start of the ‘summer season’ for the people of the Czech Republic and includes, therefore, a great deal of the Bohemian culture in the celebrations.

Ignis Brunensis 2018

Take a look at the clip below from the competition in 2022.

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