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HSBC Celebration of Light in danger of being cancelled

Rainbow in Fireworks Vancouver

Vancouver’s massive annual fireworks extravaganza that sees fireworks companies from all over the world showing off their skills is in dire need of extra funding.

The non-profit event has struggled over the past couple of years to find the necessary investors to allow the show to go ahead.

$350,000 has to be found to ensure that the fireworks can go on this summer. Last year a restaurant group and local radio station dug deep and chipped in the difference to fund the free event and ensure other sponsors wouldn’t bail. However this year the organisers are struggling to produce the 4 million needed to keep Vancouver’s biggest annual event alive.

The event features teams from across the globe setting off spectacular displays from a barge in English Bay to a variety of music.

The free event attracts families and visitors from all over and it would be a real shame if it could not go ahead this year because of a lack of money, so dig deep you sponsors and business’ in Vancouver, your display needs you!

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