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How To Stay Safe This Fireworks Night

How To Stay Safe This Fireworks Night

Fireworks night is swiftly approaching and the chances are you will probably be looking forward to a local fireworks display. You may even be planning to hold one in your own back garden, inviting friends and family. Winter is approaching fast and there is a real chill in the air. It is the perfect time of year for a big bonfire. A cold but clear, dry night would be perfect for November the 5th and there is still the vague hope that the rain will stay away.

The shops are already stocked with fireworks and sparklers ready for this occasion. Many children are probably asking their mum for old tights and socks so they can begin making their own version of Guy Fawkes to throw on the fire. However, despite all the excitement that lays ahead it is important to be aware of the dangers that are possible at any event where fire and fireworks are involved. It is necessary to know specific safety measures to ensure a fun night is had by all.

Organised displays are often safer than home displays, however, things can still go wrong. It is very important to think about the type of fireworks and about who will operate the display. The fireworks should reach the safety required safety standard marked with British Standard number BS 7114 for home use especially. There is no reason why you should not light a display yourselves provided it only contains fireworks in categories 1, 2, and 3. but remember, category 4 fireworks may only be used by professional firework display operators. In untrained hands, they can be lethal. Do not put people under unnecessary risk whether it be in your own home or at an arranged event.

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