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How To Get The Best Firework Photograph Pics

How To Get The Best Firework Photograph Pics

So the 4th July is just over a week to go and here are some epic tips on how to get the best firework pictures with your camera.

What you need:
• A tripod.
• Find a decent launch site.
• Situate yourself above ground level – generally some distance away.
• Avoid all external light sources so don’t stand under street lights.
• Check wind speed and direction, you don’t want to be standing in the pathway of the smoke.
• Consider including scenery in your pictures, both to offer a sense of scale and to keep your compositions interesting.
• Spectators can be a great way to capture the excitement of a fireworks display and gives you the opportunity to play around with techniques such as silhouetting. You could also consider including buildings, monuments, and similar structures as an addition to the fireworks themselves.
• Turn off flash and autofocus – set it to manual focus and infinity.
• The beauty of fireworks isn’t just in the explosion itself, but in the trails of light that blossom out and slowly fade away as they fall. You’ll have to use relatively slow shutter speeds to capture the whole show.
• Play with your camera’s settings and experiment with different shutter speed and aperture settings to see what works best – you don’t want grainy messes or a washed-out blur.

Check out the video below for further tips on how to photograph awesome fireworks pics.

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