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Horse Loves Fireworks, Official

Vincent Silvestro, The "Pyrotechnic Wonder from Down Under" is the star of "Hot To Trot." He hails from Sydney, Australia, where he is a professional harness racing driver and horse trainer.

"Hot To Trot" originated when some harness racing friends dared Vincent to drive a sulky while standing and holding the reins in his teeth! He took the dare, added fireworks, and his world-class extravaganza "Hot To Trot" was created!

It takes a master horseman like Vincent nearly six months of highly specialized training to teach a horse to perform in "Hot To Trot".

Vincent is also a licensed pyrotechnics expert who meticulously plans, develops and builds his unique "Hot To Trot" fireworks racing bike, mortars, flares and breathtaking "Flashing Thunder" ground displays.

It is hard for us to imagine a horse enjoying being so close to the fireworks. It is a testament to the hardworking and determination of Vincent and his crew.

Check the close up of the fireworks going off.

This requires amazing skill and balance from Vincent as he grips the reins in his teeth and holds large flares in each hand. This guy is a legend and his horse is truly one of the most amazing animals on the planet.

To anyone out there who has horses that are scared by fireworks, take a leaf from vincents book and train the horse like "hand me silver" and watch him run for fun as fireworks erupt all around!

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