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Horncastle Jubilee Celebrations

The Queen

Horncastle is going all out on this year Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations with a full events programme for the weekend of the anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation.

They recently held a competition to design a logo and caption for a commemorative mug which was won by two local youngsters. The 1200 or so souvenir bone china mugs will be given to the primary school and younger children prior to the weekend’s festivities.

The full events programme includes a roller disco, a parade through the town centre beginning at the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, special Sunday service at St Mary’s Church and special Breakfast, lunch and Children’s Party events will also be held. On the evening of 4th June 2012 at 9.00pm there will be the official beacon lighting which will join with the other 2011 beacons being lit across the country to mark this special celebration. On into the night, there will be fireworks, a licenced bar, hot food and music to while away the hours.

All proceeds from the day's events from the Horncastle Jubilee celebrations will be donated to St Andrews Children's Hospice thanks to one little girl, Rhiannen Chmabers-Lunt. This beautiful little mite has a life-limiting heart defect but she remains an inspiration to everyone who knows her with her grit and determination to carry on in spite of her serious illness.

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