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Hettinger Co. Sets World Record with Epic Fireworks Display

Hettinger Co. Sets World Record with Epic Fireworks Display

Hettinger County in Mott, North Dakota, recently hosted a groundbreaking fireworks event that took the term "spectacular" to a whole new level.

Unfolding at the Hettinger County fairgrounds, this event shattered expectations, and set a world record by launching a staggering 5,000 fireworks in just two minutes.

The sheer scale of this event was unprecedented, leaving seasoned fireworks fans awestruck by its sheer magnitude. What made it even more remarkable was the flawless execution, all thanks to the expertise of a diverse team of professionals who were behind putting on the display.

According to reports, the estimated retail value of the fireworks used for this monumental event was an astounding $110,000, underscoring the sheer scale of the spectacle.

Scheduled for the evening of December 30th, the Hettinger County fairgrounds in Mott served as the venue for the display. With this event marking the latest iteration of an annual year-end celebration that has grown significantly over the past decade.

The roots of this impressive display trace back to Garrison Risner, a local resident, who kickstarted the New Year's fireworks tradition in collaboration with the Bottoms Up Bar and Grill. What once began as a modest street-side fireworks display has evolved into an awe-inspiring extravaganza, and seen Risner buy the Bottoms Up Bar and Grill.

Alongside Risner, this extraordinary display was put on with Cody Bridger, a local YouTuber renowned for his fireworks-themed content, with over 710,000 subscribers and nearly 200 million views. Plus, underlining the community's support for the event, local businesses and private donors chipped in a remarkable $10,000 towards the event.

Plus, despite Mott's population of fewer than 700 residents, this annual spectacle has drawn crowds from neighboring towns and regions, showing just how important fireworks are in bringing people together.

Whilst there wasn't a Guinness World Records certificator on-site, Risner intends to apply for the world record through a video submission.

Watch the record breaking display



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