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Harbin Ice Festival China 2014

Harbin Ice Festival China 2014

Here in the UK we are used to the furore surrounding the bad weather that we are expecting but despite this, we still manage to get caught out every time and a couple of inches of snow brings the UK to a complete standstill.

Over in Harbin, China however, as temperatures reach a frightening -30 Celsius the fun really begins. There are lots of events to enjoy whilst visiting the festival including the following and more besides:

• Ice and Snow-world
• International snow sculpture art exhibition
• Ice lantern art fair
• Winter swimming competition
• Ice hotels
• Dog sledding
• Snow safari to see the Siberian tigers
• Ice skating
• Ski-ing
• Snow mobile racing
• Romantic sleigh ride in the snow
• Ice snow poem-reciting party
• Ice photographic exhibition
• Ice movie festival
• Ice snow wedding ceremonies
• Firework display

The surrounding area’s all converge on the Ice Festival as there are special competitions for all the children in the area, including all the age groups from primary to college/university students too.

The most popular attractions are Zaolin Park’s Ice festival which has some spectacular structures, beautiful ice lanterns and waterfalls. There are also some beautiful scale copies of European landmarks and ice slides which are certain to keep the kids entertained.

This festival is themed unsurprisingly as ‘Ice and Snow City Harbin’ and the event attracts a massive number of visitors annually to this fantastic winter wonderland resort and the evening is capped off with a fantastic FIREWORK DISPLAY from the country that brought pyro to the world, they are nothing short of spectacular.

The event officially starts on 5th January 2014 but it is open from late December to visitors.

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