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Glow Lanterns - Top Tips for Safety

Glow Lanterns - Top Tips for Safety

Top tips for lighting Glow Lanterns

  • Always check weather conditions are clear and calm prior to lighting your Lantern.
  • Always use two people to light the Lantern.
  • Have one person hold out the corners of the lantern while the other person lights each corner of the fuel cell.
  • Wait for the lantern to fill up with hot air before releasing it.

Once you have lit the fuel cell, the lantern will slowly inflate. It is important that you hold the lantern upright during this stage and, with your hand positioned on top to stop it rising prematurely, wait. Don’t let impatience or enthusiasm interrupt this waiting. Just wait. Wait for at least two minutes for the paper to fully expand, like a balloon that has been blown up to its optimum size. Then, simply let it go.

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