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Giant Skeleton Over London

Giant Skeleton Over London

A Giant Skeleton over the East End of London for the 2007 Bonfire Night celebrations.

This is actually a great representation of quality ‘lancework’ which is becoming ever more popular. Also sometimes referred to as fire-drawing or fire-art, this is one of the least ‘dangerous’ of the firework effects available on the market today but as with anything to do with fire/explosives, due care and attention should still be taken as standard practice and special care may be required as lacework is sometimes a little fragile.

It is often delivered in composite parts with details of how to construct the piece. Now what you really have to pay close attention to is the way the item is meant to be (i.e. front and back) but be careful as there are many out in the big wide world with reddened faces at the moment recalling when their ‘will you marry me’ actually read ‘em yrram uoy lliw’ (and no, it's not welsh!)

As lacework is generally best viewed from a raised position, you need to bear this in mind when constructing the piece and also that you need to be aware of the position of the crowd as they must be around 25 metres away (this is the usual distance requirement) and the display must bear in mind any other obstructions like tree’s etc.

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