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Get Em While They Are Hot

Range Rover Overfinch Full Of Epic Fireworks

Its mad time again at Epic fireworks and to say that the goodies are flying out is an understatement. We put out our first three sold out stickers on goods today and over the next week there are guaranteed to be another half dozen as everything is moving quickly.

The following items are really low stocked so we would recommend that you get the proverbial shuffle on:

Aerial Atom – noise rating 10/10

If you are looking for loud bangs with beautiful colours then this is the one for you. This maximum calibre consumer firework has massive breaks which dispel beautiful stars in every direction in yellows, greens, blues and reds and twinkle and flash as they descend. A superb addition to any show and running out faster than Mo Farrah.

The Shell - noise rating 10/10

New for 2012 this is a stunning example of a fine piece of pyro sky art. It is massively loud with 37 beautiful shots of majestic glittering rotating palm effects in a stunning red/gold which fill the sky. A great mid display piece and a must-have for the discerning pyro fan.

Star Salute - noise rating 8/10

This excellent firework launches multiple bursts of beautiful multi coloured glitter that paints the night sky. The colours here have been carefully chosen to compliment one another beautifully. Deep violets and vibrant reds lead into serene blues and emerald greens before giving way to electric crackling strobes and dragons eggs. The Star Salute is a superb and colourful firework for any occasion. A great piece of kit not to be missed out on for this year’s BFN celebrations.

Magneto - noise rating 8/10

Excellence personified … superb value for money for this beautiful single effect firework which delivers massive long lasting silver palm fronds which hang in the sky like angels wings. You cannot fail to be impressed by the sheer size of the breaks as they reach the night sky. Great for any occasion but not to be missed out on.

If you don’t find something you like listed above, we have 100 1.3g SIBs and 37 1.4g SIB’s to choose from with as many different effects as you could possibly think of.

Should you need any advice or assistance, please give us a ring. We are a really friendly bunch and we can answer any questions you may have, put together a firing order, layout plan, make recommendations based on your venue, budget and the crowd you are likely to be entertaining. So whether you have a number of friends and family or are planning a display for your local community and need our support, we are here to help.

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