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Friends Fireworks and Feedback

Epic Fireworks 2011 - 1.3g Bunker Storage

We asked our lovely customers what they would like and have been overwhelmed by the response. My inbox was full to bursting with comments and ideas about what you would like us to check out in China shortly.

Here are a few of the ideas:

‘3" and 4" tube mines with noise affects - bangs, whistles, hummers, screecher's etc.’

‘More barrages with Horsetail effects’

‘Cakes that end with reports instead of dragon eggs’

‘a good Rainbow effect fan cake’

‘Roaring lion cakes or candles’

‘Strobe effect cakes’

‘Bengal flares’

‘Strobe flares’

‘Red, white and blue fireworks’

‘Sparkling diamond effects fireworks’

‘Rockets with a diamond ring corona effect’

‘Novelty noise cakes’

‘Box or criss-cross effects’

‘Multi-burst rockets’

‘Consistent effects – mainly for display boys’

So, get your thinking caps on and let us know if any of the effects that you would like to see has still not had a mention (was on the verge of typing menshun!!) We cannot hope to bring everything back but the best of the bunch will certainly make it to the list.

Don’t forget, we continue to open 7-days a week so if you have a celebration and would like to have a chat about your requirements, please pop along to see us.

Epic Fireworks - miss epic fireworks 2008

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