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Football Stadium Implosion

On the 11th April 2010 the massive football stadium was brought to the ground in a huge implosion in Texas USA at the home of the Dallas Cowboys American Football team.

More than 20,000 spectators came out to watch the landmark being brought to rubble after a ton of dynamite was planted at key points inside the structure and a fireworks display marked the occasion.

The famous Dallas Cowboys played 38 seasons in this world famous stadium and it was the venue for the brilliant movie “Any given Sunday” and the world famous Coca Cola TV commercial where “mean” Joe Greene throws his Pittsburgh Steelers shirt to a kid with the Epic line “hey kid, catch” before the kid hands him a coke. Classic.

In days gone by the Dallas Cheerleaders were considered the best in the world and are emblazoned in the memories of millions of sports fans (mostly men).

All of this made the place the stuff of legends and its passing marked the end of an era for many Americans.

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